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Getting started is a easy - once you've signed up simply download and install timeboost on your computer. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Boost runs seamlessly integrates into your workflow without any technical hassles. Once installed, it runs discreetly in the background, capturing valuable insights into your activities throughout the day.



The detailed activity log allows you to identify where your time is spent, providing a clear snapshot of your productivity. Whether you're focused on client billing, project timelines, or specific tasks, timeboost adapts to your needs, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions.

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We take your data and privacy very seriously. We only capture information that’s pulled from your browser tabs and apps. timeboost DOES NOT capture any passwords, view your screen, or read any messages. Rest assured that your data is strictly your data. You are able to delete any entries as needed and they are removed from timeboost instantly. Privacy Statement

Efficiency at your fingertips! Select a task from the list and submit your tracked time. timeboost simplifies the time submission process. Accurately log your efforts and ensure that every minute contributes to your overall productivity.

Check below if we integrate to your favourite tool yet.

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Deltek Maconomy
Deltek WorkBook
Deltek Vantagepoint


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