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Deltek WorkBook

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Built by agency veterans, Deltek WorkBook is a total agency management system that provides best practice solutions to help your agency grow. By streamlining projects, people and finance from end-to-end in a single cloud-based solution, it gives better control, insight and visibility in real time so you can achieve a digital transformation, manage a distributed workforce, and build the foundation for business maturity and growth. 

Agencies say that some of the biggest threats to delivering projects on time and on budget include underestimating the scope of work and not having the right resource capacity in-house. That’s why you need an agency management system that empowers Project and Resource Managers to build more accurate budgets, control costs and balance utilization, while supporting best practices that provide the foresight to avoid over-servicing and make smarter staffing decisions. 

You can log time directly on Deltek WorkBook tasks from timeboost.

WorkBook Capacity
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